Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)   BIKELOGO

As the title states it is now compulsory for all, who wish to ride a motorcycle to first   attend and complete the Compulsory Basic Training also known as the CBT. The CBT  is not a pass or fail test but an assessment on your riding skills and road safety and is usually completed in one day although in not all cases, some student may require an additional period of training prior to successfully completing the assessment.   The CBT is broken down in to 5 elements A through to E


Element A Introduction, consists of a introduction to the CBT in this element the importance of wearing the correct safety clothing is   also covered, you will also carry out the eye sight test.                                            

Element B Practicle on Site Training, here you will be introduced to the motorcycle you will be using, and how to carry out basic maintance checks.                                                

Element C Practical on Site Riding   is where you will get to ride the machine for the first time(carried out on our training site).      

Element  D Practical on road training, in this theory element you will cover the safety aspects of riding on the road.          

Element E Practical on road riding, consists of a minimum period of 2 hours on road training.                                                    

Once all the   elements have been completed to the satifaction of your instructor will you then be and only then be issued with the D196 Certificate of Approved Training Course.

OBTAINING   THE   D196   allows the rider:

16 years of age may ride a moped  not exceeding 50cc or be able to exceed 31 mph with L plates.  

17 years and above may ride a motorcycle  up to a 125cc with L plates

The CBT lasts for a period of 2 years if you haven't successfully passed the   DSA   motorcycle test within the 2 year period you will have to attend and complete the CBT assessment again to renew the D196    

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