Comment Car   A very good instructor, explained and demonstrated lessons in a way that was clear and understandable, always made sure i understood, always felt relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed my lessons would definitely recommend RSM,  Amy Donald, Ellon


Comment Car   Allan my instructor was recommended to me by my sister Megan -  having now passed my test i appreciate the importance of being taught to drive and not just to pass a test  Allan relaxed  VERY patience but thorough manner has i believe fully prepared me for the roads ahead.  I would have no problem recommending Allan (RSM to anyone looking for an excellent instructor    A big big thank you   Sophie Gray Ellon.

Comment CAR   Allan was my second driving instructor, highly recommended by my husband who recently passed his motorbike test through RSM (Allan & Andy). As soon as I started my driving lessons with Allan it became apparent that his approach will give me more confidence to pass my practical test and more importantly ensure that I will feel safe/confident on the road. Therefore, I can not praise enough Allan's patience, honest approach, knowledge and professionalism.  Now that I passed my test I would like to use this opportunity to express how grateful I am for Allan's help and support in last few weeks.  Allan thank you so,so,so much  Danijela Spanovic - Aberdeen 

Comment CAR Karen Saville Newburgh, Ellon

Comment CAR Broghan Douglas Newburgh, Ellon

Comment CAR Madga Peterhead

Comment CAR    I would like to thank Allan for his first class tuition and helping me pass first time. I would also like to say after having a number of instructorís Allan was the best by far    Andrew Robb Ellon   

Comment CAR David Moir Aberdeen Jan 2012

Comment CAR  Having just moved out from the City Centre to Newburgh it was essential that I passed my test reasonably quickly so that I could get around.  Allan helped me prepare for my theory and practical tests by setting me reasonable timescales and providing support throughout. Before I started i was led to believe, by friends that driving instructors would try and make as much money out of me as possible, this was not the case with Allan.  He recognised my needs and helped me achieve my goal as quickly as I possibly could.  I would definitely reccommend Allan to anybody that is looking for a professional in this field.'


Once again thanks for your help and hopfully see you about in Newburgh,  Paul Robb Newburgh Ellon

Comment CAR  Milly Dowe,  Balmedie 

Comment CAR  Rosie Taylor, Ellon 

Comment CAR 
As a nervous and non confident driver i have failed many tests in the past, however after starting lessons with Allan things started to change. Due to Allan's patience and excellent teaching i have finally passed my test! Having had many different instructors i have to say Allan has been the best and cheapest and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for lessons. I canít thank you enough Allan!  Katy Compton  Newburgh Ellon 

Comment CAR  Best Instructor ever, Allan was extremely patient  and understanding and I am recommending him to everyone  thanks you very much  
Katie Evans  Newburgh, Ellon  

Comment Car 
Made the right decision to go with Right Start Motoring to learn to drive. I was very nervous to start driving but Allan was very patient with me and I eventually gained confidence. Lessons were well structured so that every topic was covered. Would recommend Right Start Motoring for value for money and comprehensive tuition.
Thanks AllanLaura Griffin Aberdeen

Comment CAR  Lewis Armstrong, Ellon (Crimmond)

Comment CAR
    Allan was highly recommended to me and didn't disappoint. He has all the ideal characteristics you look for in an instructor he's supportive, constructive, easy-going and patient. He made my driving experience enjoyable and restored my confidence that had been lost with previous driving sessions. I'm very happy to have passed my test and feel I have had a great start to build my driving experience on. I would recommend Allan to anyone. Sara Youngson, Ellon 


Comments PASS PLUS - "I have just completed the pass plus course with Allan at RSM and feel it has greatly helped in my development as a driver. The course includes a vast variety of different elements which i feel has improved my confidence on the roads, especially with night time and motorway driving. Allan was very thorough at posing the question "what if?" and made me aware that there is a lot more to think about when driving. Allan again showed utter dedication to his work and was very keen to offer help with any driving situations i was unclear about.

Many thanks again  Sheila Newburgh 



Comment CAR    I recently received my driving training from Right Start Motoring and my instructor was Allan who is the founder of the business. The training i received was absolutely exellent and i put that down to Allan's competancy in his job but not only that his passion for the job.


Allan has come to the perfect balance in terms of finding a happy medium for teaching people to drive. Allan is a very approachable person and you could put accross any concerns you may have about your driving to him. On the other hand Allan isn't afraid to tell you where you are going wrong but will endevour to help and correct anything that isn't up to standard. I was the first to admit that i wasn't a naturally gifted driver but any time I found I was struggling Allan would do his upmost to arrange extra lessons for myself regardless of whether it invaded his personal time.


Personally i feel very satisfied with the driving training i received from Allan which enabled me to pass my driving test and i will be doing my Pass Plus scheme with Allan soon.  William Main, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen 

Comment CAR    Simply outstanding thanks very much Allan  Ellie Quinn New Deer 

Comment CAR
    We both had a really enjoyable experience learning to drive with Allan, he always managed to end his lessons on a positive note and had endless patience. He was very supportive throughout and always calm and laid back, never knocking your confidence. We both passed our tests with minimal minor faults and feel that this was all thanks to Allans excellent teaching. We actually miss having lessons! Thank you very much!! Kara and Shaunna Youngson, Ellon  

Comment CAR     Just a quick e mail to say thank you for all your help. I know we only had a handful of lessons but it was because you taught me the small things that helped me pass my test. From day 1 I found your manner in the car was great and I was put at ease straight away. I will recommend you to everyone that I Know who wants  to learn to drive. Thank you very much, Vira Makarova Ellon 

Comment CAR   Hey Allan!!  i thought  i would finally write you a wee message on how well you taught me!!! im only a wee bit late! While in the car with Allan his nature was not only calm and relaxing, but was also fun with the little chats and disscussions, I didnt pass my test first time, After the test when my self of steam was low  Allans reassurance and confidence in me gave the boost needed to get straight back into the car and sit the test, I would reccomend learning to drive with Allan to anyone!! i have  already have to heaps of people, even one friend who was terrifed of driving cos she had a bad lesson with another driving intruster, and she said she would never get in a car again and with allan she regained her confidence with driving!! one major thing is he never seems to get annoyed or shouts or sound scared!! which is a very good thing!! thanks Allan for getting through my test!!!    Kara Sellar  Newburgh, Ellon  

Comment CAR
    Allan just a quick note to say thanks,  to any one else reading i thought Allan was a great instructor taught me everything in a way i could remember and and made the lessons enjoyable once again Allan thanks for everything Victoria Murray Newburgh

Comment CAR    Allan, Iíve yet to calm down, and have been on the roads every day!! LOOK OUT!!


You canít go wrong with RSM.  The service is extremely professional, reliable and the prices are particularly reasonable.  Allan is always very punctual, confident and understanding, making the lessons really enjoyable.  I was so well versed in all aspects of the driving test requirements, that I passed 1st time with ease.  I have absolutely no regrets with this service and eagerly recommend new students to join especially if they wish to save time, money, and become the best driver they can be.  Thanks again Allan, it was great fun. Jan Doherty, Newburgh, Ellon


Comment CAR    Learning to drive with right start motoring was an great decision. The flexibility and dedication given to me was great. The training was enjoyable and challeneging but with the right tutor i managed to pass my test. i have enjoyed learning to drive and look forward to driving for years to come. Thanks Allan  Sim Aberdeen

Comment CAR  Jamie Finnie Aberdeen  

Comment CAR    I really enjoyed my time learning with Allan. The next lesson was always eagerly awaited as each lesson was different, with something new to learn each time. Allan does not hang around and before I knew it I was sitting in the car doing mock tests. I learnt without even knowing it and went into my test felling ready and fully prepared. I would recommend RSM to anyone that wants a fun, enjoyable time as a learner, which will set you up for the rest of your driving career.  Harriett Ross Foveran

Comment CAR   I would highly recommend Allan to anyone looking for a driving instructor. Allanís patience knows no bounds and he will go over everything with clear instruction and a smile on his face, as many times as you need, until you Ďget ití.  His relaxed style inspires a fun driving experience and his dedication is limitless Ė he was even on call for advice while on holiday in Spain!


Iíve just gone from being a complete beginner to passing my test, all in under 30 hours of tuition. I strongly believe I couldnít have done this without Allanís superb instruction. Thank you Allan!   Jooles Smith Aberdeen


(Donít go getting a big head now!)


Comment CAR   I'd just like to say thankyou to Allan for his help and patience, which he has needed a lot of with me when learning to drive. I have enjoyed driving with Allan, he has always made me feel relaxed and has always been very friendly. His range of working hours have been brilliant, i choose a semi-intense course and with my shifts i do at work he has always done his best to get as much hours in around my work as i needed. Very good value for money Thanks again Natasha Davidson Peterhead


Comment CAR   Just to say thanks for getting me through my test. i have already recommended someone to you and would have absolutely no hesitation on doing so again. i found the pace of the lessons, aswell as the format and your style of tuturing excellent. 
thanks again  Craig Finnie Aberdeen

Comment CAR   Allan at Right Start Motoring provided me with a friendly and relaxed learning environment. Lessons were available at flexible times with a door to door service. Help was provided with theory and practical lessons with patience. Overall a great service, Thank you   Kathryn Donaldson Aberdeen


Comment CAR   A big thank you to Allan for getting me through my test at last, passing my driving test was a great achievement and i couldnít have got there without him. I passed my test on Monday 10th of November and when I got back the first thing i did was get in my car and pick up my daughter from school you should have seen the look on her face when I told her that she no longer has to walk the 20-30mins to school anymore so thank you again Allan for giving me back my confidence as I love driving.  Pam, Ellon 


Comment CAR  Hi Allan I wanted to say ďThank you so much for the driving lessons! I really appreciated your calm, laid-back approach and careful, clear instruction and I really enjoyed my lessons with you. You prepared me really well for the test and I was DELIGHTED to pass with only four minor faults! Thanks also for being so committed to your job that you picked me up horribly early in the morning on the day of my test just to help me overcome my nerves and last minute worries!Ē. Aylwin, Aberdeen


Comment CAR  Semi Intensive Course I would recommend Allan to anyone wishing to learn to drive. I did the 30hrs course and thanks to Allans expert tuition I managed to reduce the hours down. I passed my test first time. Allan is very friendly, easy going and patient.

Thanks Allan. Steven Mcguffie Aberdeen


Comment CAR  Fantastic driving instructor. Made me feel relaxed and had a lot of faith in my driving. Very clear with what he wanted me to do. He even helped me with my theory which I have never heard of other instructors doing. He got me through my lesson quick and on to my test which thanks to Allan I passed first time. First class driving instructor would recommend him to every one who's learning to drive.

Cheers Allan. Mark Croll, Foveran, Aberdeenshire


Comment CAR  I would highly recommend Allan at Right Start Motoring to any one wishing to learn to drive.  His patiences, sense of humour and encouragement allowed me to build up my confidence and kept me going as i learnt new skills. Passing my driving test first time was a great achievement and i would like to thank you Allan very much for believing in me Rachel Henderson Aberdeen


Comment CAR  I'd like to thank Allan for getting me through my driving test first time!  This was the 2nd time I had taken lessons, I gave up the first time as I lacked confidence on the road - I didn't think I would ever get a driving licence.  Allan's teaching approach is very professional, he has helped build my confidence and has been extremely patient with me, he understands that not everyone progresses at the same speed and makes you feel at ease behind the wheel - thanks again Allan for the early Christmas pressie!

Debbie Mclean Ellon Aberdeenshire


Comment CAR  My hubby went with RSM to get his bike licence and got it first time with Andy.  He said to me that I should consider taking lessons with Andy's partner, Allan, when I felt ready to drive again...we had been involved in an accident in February and my confidence on the road took a huge hit and hadn't been able to drive until September.  I booked lessons with Allan and after the first lesson, I stopped taking calming tabs for my nerves...Allan got me through my test on the first attempt with him and this attempt was my fifth in total.  Allan is very friendly, easy going but he is also an extremely patient and a confident teacher he never once lost his cool or got sarcastic or even patronising with me.  I can not thank you enough Allan for giving me back my confidence as I love driving!  Keep up the good work Allan and all the very best in the future for your business. Regards Di...Hatton Aberdeenshire


Comment CAR: I recently passed my test with Right Start Motoring - I decided to change instructor as i felt i wasn't progressing with my first. I would like to thank Allan for his patience, commitment and teaching skills that assisted me in achieving my long term ambition. Allan was calm and collect evening during my bad sessions and his sense of humour alway kept me smiling evening when things weren't going to plan. The instruction I received was clear and easily understood. Once again Thanks Karen, Foveran Aberdeenshire.

Comment CAR: RSM gives you the confidence and the ability to drive and not just to reach test standard. He was always on time and I always felt as though I had progress after each lesson He doesn't try and get you to take more hours than you need and it is value for money with an excellent comprehensive service. He is always on board to help with any problems at any time and is very supportive throughout. It was a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience with a great result at the end."  Thanks Kim, Newburgh Aberdeenshire

Comment CAR Intensive Course: When I first came for lessons I wasn't sure of the procedure, I had had no previous experiences with a professional instructor and so the whole thing seemed a bit daunting. But when I sat down in the car it was fine, Allan was a really big help and made me feel at ease in the drivers seat. .  Before I knew it I was on the roads. His approach to teaching was very professional, he was confident and made the whole experience of my intensive course seem more like a fun learning exercise than a chore that had to be carried out bang on first time [not saying that it was easy, it was far from easy, but was made easier by this]. Driving on the roads is dangerous as we all know and many lives have been carelessly taken due to total lack of respect from road users and of road conditions, so by incorporating the many dangers of the road into my lessons I became more aware and considerate of other road users and hazards in everyday driving. This helped in building up confidence, but to be expected to drive at a standard of the DVLA in a week is no small task, Allan did very well and I hope I remain a safe driver and donít become a hazard myself. Yours with thanks,  Jamie Isted, Auchnablae Aberdeenshire


Comment CAR I recently passed my test with right start motoring, I would highly recommend them to anyone. Allan was very patient and a really great instructor, never once lost his cool, even though he should of with me. I found the experience very enjoyable. Allan didnít only get me ready for my test he built up my confidence teaching things that my last instructor missed out. Not once did I feel like he was wasting my time or money. Allan was always on time and very professional. Thanks very much for everything.  Lorna Lowe Ellon Aberdeenshire


Comment CAR  "I'd like to thank Alan very much for giving me confidence in my own driving ability.  After trying four different instructors over three years, I found him to be the most dedicated in his work as a driving instructor, he was even "on call" when he was on holiday in spain (how's that for dedication!) He was very encouraging and his friendly cheery nature put me at ease behind the wheel. Looking forward to sitting pass plus! Many thanks, Sheila Simpson, Aberdeen"

Comment CAR  I passed my test just recently with Right Start Motoring (RSM) and put my success down to Allan's professionalism and patience. He helped me greatly with my theory, which I thought I would have difficulty with, but surprised myself and found it easier than I imagined.  Once again, all down to Allan and his knowledge. Allan has a very easy going manner and I felt totally relaxed from day one, his instruction. was clear and easily understood.Cheers Allan, Fraser Watt, Newburgh, Aberdeenshire



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